Jack Macejka (Co-Chair Programs Committee)

Jack Macejka (Co-Chair Programs Committee)

Interview by Charles Reynolds

1. Welcome Jack, please tell us about yourself. When did you start with The Advanced Group and what is your role? 

I started with The Advance Group in April 2020. Right when the pandemic hit New York and for the first time in modern history the entire global logistics industry came to a stop. Quite a time to start.

2. List some factors that contribute to your success. 

My success is largely due to how I treat others and my work ethic. I treat every person I meet with the same level admiration and respect and any task or role I take on is met with excellence that I will be proud to attach my name to. 

3. Give advice to those starting their careers in BD. 

Create a business plan! Included in your plan should be different prospects/companies/industries you want to focus on, devise a plan with measurables included, then execute that plan until you see the desired results. Always assess your progress and make changes where necessary.

4. What is your passion?

Helping others. Ever since I was a kid, I always have done what I can to help those in need. I am always happy when people ask me for help and take it as an honor that they were willing to ask me. 

5. Please tell us about the range and type of projects you are involved in.

If it goes onto a truck, I can help! Whether it’s moving a single item, one bedroom apartment, or 100 sq foot office I have the experience and resources to assist. Currently, I am helping a client transport 10 desks from Salt Lake City, UT to Austin, TX while also working on a project to move approximately 60 employees into a new office where we are installing all the furniture, computers, and AV equipment. I relocate people and companies all over the world, so my range is truly exponential and incomparable to many other people in my industry.